International Cake Day (20/07)

July 20 is an interesting holiday - International Cake Day, dedicated to friendship and peace between people, countries, nations. It is held under the motto "I CAKE YOU", which means - "I will come to you with a cake", which, in general, is logical - how, if not cake with tea, celebrate peace and friendship?

At the origins of this sweet summer holiday was the "Milan Club" of the Kingdom of Love - a community of friends whose members are musicians, culinary specialists and other enthusiastic creative people. It was this creative union that in 2009 began the tradition of creating joint musical cakes, which was then supported by other countries.

For the first time on an international scale, Cake Day was celebrated on July 20, 2011, becoming one of the initiatives of the Kingdom of Love (an international non-profit project that implements global cultural, humanitarian and peace initiatives), and it is held to spread the ideas of peace and friendship on the planet through culture. Therefore, the motto of the Day was the phrase "I CAKE YOU".