International Eskimo Day (24/01)

January 24th is the "sweet" holiday - International Eskimo Pie Day. The date for its establishment was chosen because it was on this day in 1922 that Christian Nelson, the owner of a sweet shop in the city of Onawa (Iowa, USA), received a patent for a popsicle.

Eskimo is a creamy ice cream on a stick covered with chocolate icing. Although its history goes back several millennia (it is believed that already in ancient Rome, the emperor Nero allowed himself such a cold dessert), it is customary to consider January 24 to be Eskimo's birthday. And, of course, popsicle is not just ice cream, it is a symbol of carefree summer days, the taste of childhood, the love for which many have kept for life.

Who and when "invented" popsicle, who came up with the idea of inserting a stick into it, where did its name come from ... Few people know, and there are a huge number of versions and disputes around these historical events. According to one of the most common, the author of this type of ice cream is a certain pastry chef Christian Nelson, who came up with the idea of covering a block of creamy ice cream with chocolate icing. And he called it "Eskimo Pie" (Eskimo pie). This happened in 1919, and three years later he received a patent for this "invention".