Pink Panther Day (18/05)

On May 18, 2015, the inhabitants of the planet for the first time celebrated an unusual date - Pink Panther Day - a new holiday established in the Kingdom of Love (a community of friends whose members are musicians, culinary specialists and other enthusiastic creative people).

Recall that the Pink Panther is a well-known character in feature films and animated films, loved by both children and adults. The founders of the holiday note that it was the ability of this character for non-standard thinking and the practical implementation of his ideas (namely, repainting the world in pink), his humor and positive attitude that became the main motives for the establishment of this new date.

The main symbol of the holiday was the Pink Diamond, and its “spiritual basis” was proclaimed non-standard thinking and changing the world around. After all, we can change the world around us for the better only by changing ourselves and our thinking. And the world around us is not only people, but also nature, and society as a whole, and each participant of the holiday, in a broad sense, capable of creation and creativity, is such a unique Pink Diamond that can change the world around for the better.