Towel Day (25/05)

Every year, May 25, fans of the work of the famous British writer Douglas Adams celebrate Towel Day ( Towel Day ). For a whole day, they carry a towel with them everywhere, not parting with it for a minute, thus paying tribute to their beloved writer.

English writer, playwright and screenwriter Douglas Adams ( Douglas Adams, 1952-2001 ) is the author of such humorous science fiction works, as « Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy » and ( The Holistic detective agency Dirk Gently ). It was in his world-famous novel « Autostop on the galaxy » that he described the towel as an indispensable thing for the hitchhiker, whether it be traveling on earthly roads or intergalactic spaces.

According to the writer, the most common towel – is one of the most important items in the tourist's dwelling. In many ways, its value is determined by practical application, the greatest options of which are the greatest. So, again, according to the author, you can wrap yourself in a towel when it's cold; they can be covered like a blanket, spending the night under the stars; it is convenient to lie on sandy beaches, enjoying the heady aromas of the sea; they can swing by giving distress signals; wrap their heads so as not to inhale poisonous gases, or blindfold so as not to dazzle at the sight of space pirates or brightest stars. It is also convenient to use it as a raft, and can be used as a weapon in hand-to-hand combat, having previously wet ... Well, of course, the towel can also be used for its intended purpose – for hygienic purposes – that is, wiped it.

It should also be noted that in the novel a whole chapter is devoted to the unique properties of the towel, and in addition to the important practical significance of this subject, according to the author, the psychological significance of this accessory is generally difficult to overestimate, and an interested reader can personally verify this by reading this work.

The holiday itself – TAG1 – was established in Britain in 2001. Just 3 days after the death of Douglas Adams on May 14, 2001, at the open forum « Binary Freedom » fans of the writer’s work posted a message under the heading « Towel Day: A Tribute to Douglas Adams » as follows:

« Douglas Adams will be missed by all his fans around the world. So that all fans can pay tribute to his genius, I propose to celebrate a day two weeks after his death ( May 25, 2001 ) as « TAG1 towel day. All fans of Douglas Adams are invited to carry a towel with them that day. Let the towel be in sight ( make sure that the towel is striking ) – use it as a topic for conversation, so that even those who never read « Hitchhiking on the galaxy », went and found a copy for themselves. The towel can be wrapped around the head, used as a weapon, impregnated with nutrients – anything! ».

This was the beginning of today's holiday, which has since been celebrated annually on May 25, covering an increasing number of countries and people who everywhere carry a towel with them on this day. They also talk about this holiday and its traditions on social networks, their friends and friends.

Also in a number of countries, various – events on the works of Douglas Adams, sales of his books in bookstores, quest games and competitions for various use of towels have been timed to this day, marches with this indispensable travel attribute and other events.