World Elephant Protection Day (22/09)

On September 22, many countries celebrate one of the environmental holidays - the World Day of Elephants (World Day of Elephants), which was established at the initiative of environmental organizations, environmentalists and caring people concerned about the decline in the number of these animals. For some, this fact may cause amazement, but, alas, today even such thick-skinned giants need protection.

Elephants are the largest land mammals on the planet, belong to the elephant family (Elephantidae), proboscis order (Proboscidea). These are smart, self-aware and highly organized animals, the only ones that have survived to this day, representatives of the ancient proboscis group that previously inhabited most of the land. Currently, in nature, elephants live in the tropical forests and savannahs of Southeast Asia and Africa.

Since ancient times, elephants have been revered by many peoples of the world, in many cultures they are a symbol of the power and greatness of rulers, wisdom and tranquility, kindness and prosperity. In any Buddhist country, elephants are revered as a symbol of longevity, prudence and prudence.