Coffee day (01/10)

Every year, starting in 2002, October 1 in the Austrian capital – Vienna – celebrate Coffee Day. And this is not surprising, because « coffee in the Viennese » – is a real brand, the popularity of which is undeniable. A lot of things unite the beautiful Vienna capital with this no less beautiful drink, so it is no coincidence that Coffee Day is celebrated here every year.

I must say that the Austrians themselves believe that it was thanks to them that the Old World discovered coffee for themselves, but still its « European » history began in Venice – city, located very profitably geographically in terms of trade. For centuries, Venetian merchants have been successfully trading with all Mediterranean countries. So the first Europeans to try coffee were the inhabitants of Venice. But there, against the background of a huge number of other exotic goods brought from different countries, he was lost. But in Austria he received well-deserved recognition.

According to historical documents, for the first time in Vienna coffee appeared in the 1660s, but as « home » a drink that was prepared in the kitchen. But the first coffee houses opened only after two decades, and it is from that time that the history of Viennese coffee begins. And there is even a legend that he first appeared in Vienna in 1683, after the Vienna Battle, when the Austrian capital was besieged by the Turkish army. The struggle was fierce, and if it were not for the help of the cavalry of the Polish king to the defenders of the city, then it is not known how it would end.

Legend has it that it is one of the Polish officers – Yuri Franz Kolshitsky ( Kolchitsky, Polish. Jerzy Franciszek Kulczycki ) – showed special courage during these hostilities, penetrating with the risk of life through enemy positions, he maintained a connection between Austrian reinforcements and the defenders of the besieged Vienna. As a result, the Turks had to hastily retreat and drop their weapons and supplies. And among all this good there were several bags of coffee, and a brave officer became their owner.

The Vienna authorities also did not remain indebted to Kolshitsky and gave him a house where he later opened the city's first coffee house called « Under the blue flask » ( Hof zur Blauen Flasche ). Very quickly, the institution gained great popularity among the inhabitants of Vienna, bringing the owner a good income. By the way, the authorship of « coffee in the Vensky » is also attributed to Kolshitsky when the drink is filtered from the thick and sugar and milk are added to it. Soon, such coffee became known throughout Europe. The grateful Austrians erected a monument to Kolchitsky, which can be seen today.

In subsequent years, other coffee houses began to open in different parts of Vienna, and soon the classic coffee houses became a hallmark of the Austrian capital. Moreover, for many citizens, they became the main place of free pastime, turning into an important institution of society. Here, domestic and business issues were discussed and resolved, new acquaintances started, and deals were concluded. By the way, the clientele of the Vienna cafes was first composed mainly of men who came here several times a day: in the morning and afternoon regulars could be stopped reading newspapers, in the evenings they played and discussed on all kinds of topics. The most elite cafes could boast of famous customers, including famous cultural and art workers, politicians and businessmen.

By the way, fashion for wooden and marble coffee tables and rounded forms of chairs came from them, these attributes of Vienna cafes later became symbols of the situation of such institutions throughout Europe. But still, naturally, coffee – was excellent here, and customers could choose a drink for their taste from many varieties.

Today, – coffee is a famous, sophisticated drink that many legends are composed of, and with the creation of which the winning procession of coffee in Europe began. And its popularity in Austria is also high, after water it ranks second among drinks among Austrians. So, annually one resident of the country drinks about 162 liters of coffee, which is about 2.6 cups a day.

After all, coffee in Vienna can be drunk on almost every corner, but in order to truly understand and appreciate the charm of this famous drink, you still need to go to the coffee shop, or as they are also called – cafehouse. Here they do not like fuss and haste, they come here to rest, negotiate, chat with a girlfriend or friend, explain in love or just read a newspaper. In the most respectable cafes, usually located in the center of the capital, along with the local press, there is always a set of leading world publications. At the same time, every coffee house in Vienna honors its traditions and tries to « keep the brand ». For example, the famous Cafe Central coffee house was once the headquarters of the revolutionaries of Leo Bronstein and Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. Then the coffee house was closed, opened it again only in 1983, and today it sells more than a thousand cups of coffee per day.

Another « recognition of the love of » residents of Vienna, this drink was the opening of the Coffee Museum in 2003, which is called the Kaffee Museum and has about a thousand exhibits occupying five large halls. The exhibition at the museum is saturated with the spirit and smell of aromatic Viennese coffee. Here you can imagine a huge number of coffee makers, coffee grinders and coffee dishes and paraphernalia from different cultures and centuries. Particular attention is paid to the traditions and history of Viennese coffee houses. One of the features of the museum is the Professional Coffee Center, where in practice the issues of making coffee are covered, restaurant owners, barista and just coffee lovers are trained, master classes are held that attract a huge number of visitors.

Coffee is one of the most favorite drinks in the world, so Coffee Day in Vienna is already a great success and many fans. On this day, all Viennese coffee houses, pastry shops and restaurants prepare surprises for visitors and, of course, all visitors are offered traditional coffee in Vensky.

Although many years have passed since the appearance of this drink in the Austrian capital, and many coffee recipes have appeared, but the basis of the cooking technology remains unchanged. Caffe in Viennese – is coffee with milk. In addition, some lovers add chocolate chips and vanillin to it. There are also those who like to experiment with a wide variety of « supplements » – cardamom, various liquors, cream, etc. You should not be surprised if, having ordered a cup of coffee, you will receive in addition a glass of water on a metal tray. It is customary for the crowns to refresh the mouth with water after each sip of coffee in order to constantly feel the full taste of their favorite drink.