Coffee Day (01/10)

Every year, since 2002, on October 1 in the Austrian capital - the city of Vienna - Coffee Day is celebrated. And this is not surprising, because "Viennese coffee" is a real brand, whose popularity is undeniable. A lot of things unite the beautiful capital of Vienna with this no less wonderful drink, so it is no coincidence that Coffee Day is celebrated here every year.

I must say that the Austrians themselves believe that it was thanks to them that the Old World discovered coffee for itself, but nevertheless its “European” history began in Venice, a city located very advantageously geographically in terms of trade. Venetian merchants have been successfully trading with all the Mediterranean countries for centuries. So the first Europeans who tried coffee were the inhabitants of Venice. But there, against the backdrop of a huge number of other exotic goods brought from different countries, he got lost. But in Austria, he received well-deserved recognition.

According to historical documents, coffee first appeared in Vienna in the 1660s, but as a “homemade” drink that was prepared in the kitchen. But the first coffee houses opened only two decades later, and it is from this time that the history of Viennese coffee begins. And there is even a legend that he first appeared in Vienna in 1683, after the Battle of Vienna, when the Austrian capital was besieged by the Turkish army. The struggle was fierce, and if it were not for the help of the cavalry of the Polish king to the defenders of the city, it is not known how it would all have ended.