Birthday of the Emperor of Japan (23/02)

The Emperor's Birthday of Japan (天皇誕生日) is an official public holiday in the country. It coincides with the actual birthday of Japan's reigning Emperor Naruhito and is celebrated on February 23rd.

Naruhito received his royal powers on May 1, 2019 as a result of the abdication of the throne by his father Emperor Akihito, who voluntarily left the throne and retired, passing the throne to his eldest son. Akihito became the first emperor to abdicate in the last two hundred years (after Emperor Kokaku).

On the emperor's birthday, everyone can come to the territory of the imperial palace for the second time in a year (except for the New Year) and congratulate the emperor. In general, the entire program of the holiday is painted in great detail in order to eliminate misunderstandings and unforeseen situations during the celebration ritual. The imperial family goes out onto the veranda of the palace and appears before the Japanese who came to see and greet their emperor.