International Doctor's Day (03/10)

Every year on the first Monday of October, many countries celebrate International Doctor's Day, which is considered a day of solidarity and active action by doctors from all over the world. After all, the main goal of a doctor of any nationality is to improve and preserve the health of patients.

The initiators of the creation of this holiday were the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Medical Humanitarian Organization "Doctors Without Borders" (fr. Médecins sans frontières, MSF). It is this independent, non-governmental organization "Doctors Without Borders" that fully realizes the tasks of today. Its employees do not distinguish between national or religious affiliation of people, but help all those in need, provide assistance to victims of natural disasters, various epidemics, social and armed conflicts.

Every year, about a thousand doctors from this organization help people in different countries (including in hot spots), providing medical care to everyone in an emergency, without any discrimination or distinction. Volunteers of the organization are also engaged in preventive and educational work aimed at combating AIDS and drug addiction.