Day of the employee of the replacement train in Russia (11/11)

November 11 is a professional holiday in Russia - the Day of the Recovery Train Worker.

It was on this day in 1936 that the People's Commissar of Railways of the USSR L.M. Kaganovich signed order No. 168 Ts "On the restructuring of the work of recovery trains." The appearance of this document was due to the unsatisfactory work of the auxiliary trains that existed until then and led to the creation of recovery trains in the system of the People's Commissariat of Railways.

Elimination of the consequences of serious accidents on the railway, both due to man-made disasters and those caused by the consequences of natural disasters (collisions and derailments of railway trains, restoration of a damaged railway track, railway contact network, etc.) has been and remains the main task of recovery trains. In addition to solving the main tasks, these specialized compounds can be used in the repair of railway tracks, bridges, turnouts and other related and adjacent facilities to the railway.