International speech therapist day (14/11)

For many adults, memories of a person who, in your distant, bright childhood, is trying to “extract” the sound “r” from you and who has an amazing ability to pronounce tongue twisters without hesitation are vivid associations left in memory by the work of a specialist whose professional holiday is celebrated annually on November 14. Namely, the International Day of the Speech Therapist, which is so far celebrated only in the community of these specialists. This is despite the fact that every year the number of patients with problems and speech defects is growing.

Speech therapy (from the Greek lógos - word, speech and paideía - education, training) is a branch of pedagogical science that studies speech disorders, ways to prevent them, identify and eliminate them by means of special education and education. Speech therapy studies the causes, mechanisms, symptoms, course, structure of speech disorders, and the system of corrective action.

For the first time, the issues of correcting speech disorders were described in works on deaf pedagogy of the 17th century (at that time, the concept of deaf-mutism was still little distinguished from hearing-mutism and other speech defects in hearing people). Since the second half of the 19th century, the study of speech defects with normal hearing has acquired an independent, but mainly medical direction. Thus, the correction of speech, and only some deviations, began to be considered as a medical procedure, which was carried out by doctors or nurses.