All-Russian Hockey Day (01/12)

The All-Russian Hockey Day was held for the first time on the first winter day of 2007, at the initiative of the President of the Russian Hockey Federation (RHF) Vladislav Tretiak, when more than 150 stadiums of the country welcomed fans of this wonderful game.

Russia is the heir to the glorious past of the hockey of the Soviet Union, whose team has repeatedly confirmed its professionalism with an active, productive, well-coordinated team game at the World Championships and the Olympic Games. "Red Machine" - this nickname was given to the USSR national hockey team for the victories that it repeatedly won in the most difficult matches of various levels with experienced professionals from abroad.

Many of the victories of Soviet hockey players were as decisive and unconditional as the defeats of their opponents were crushing. The entire sports world spoke and wrote about the Soviet hockey school. The names of the coaches of the national team thundered all over the world: Anatoly Tarasov, Arkady Chernyshev, Vsevolod Bobrov, Boris Kulagin, Viktor Tikhonov... The names of the players are another story altogether!