World Kindness Day (13/11)

A very good tradition for many countries has become the annual celebration of World Kindness Day on November 13, the date for which was chosen as the opening day in 1998 in Tokyo of the 1st conference of the World Kindness Movement. This event was attended by representatives of Australia, Canada, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Great Britain and the USA (later other countries joined the Movement).

The World Kindness Movement organization itself was established in Japan a year earlier, in 1997, and gathered “under its banner” like-minded people of the kindness movement from different countries - volunteers and volunteers, who from year to year tirelessly act around the world and with their own affairs inspire people to do good deeds. Today, anyone who wants to do a good, sincere, noble deed can join them. Moreover, the main communication of the participants of the Movement takes place via the Internet, where on their resources they talk about the ideas of good deeds and ways to implement them.

The Movement has its own official document, the Declaration of Kindness, which states: “We recognize the fundamental importance of simple human kindness as a basic condition for a satisfying and meaningful life, and with this document we proclaim the creation of the World Kindness Movement. We will strive to unite through organizations in every country and through the creation of a worldwide network, and create a kinder and more compassionate world.”