International shoemaker day (26/11)

November 26 is the International Brewer Day – a professional holiday of craftsmen and artisans involved in the design, manufacture and sewing of shoes, as well as workers in this production and shoe repair specialists.

The manufacture of shoes and its repair – is very ancient craft, and initially the work of the shoemaker was exclusively manual labor, and very difficult. After all, shoemakers, or shoe makers, had to sew all kinds of shoes manually – from slippers to boots. Therefore, it is not surprising that their profession was considered one of the most popular. And skilled shoemakers, whose shoes were considered almost a work of art, were generally on the « weight of gold ».

Over the years, many crafts have passed the process of mechanization and « » on industrial rails, including this industry. Today, a case related to the art of making shoes of various purposes, types, categories and accessories for it for general use is called the shoe industry, which is aimed at meeting the needs of wide sections of the population. – shoe manufacturers – produce a huge variety of shoe products from a wide variety of materials – leather, wood, rubber, plastic, jute, fabric and others.

Manual manufacture by shoe masters today is gradually disappearing, giving way to large companies. Such a luxury as handicraft production can be afford only some famous brands with history in more than one hundred years.

But any shoes, even made in industrial production, can tell a lot about their « host ». After all, its appearance ( style, material, finishes, color, brand, state ) – have long been the subject of close attention of many people when selecting a wardrobe. For example, someone is ready to endure any inconvenience when walking, chasing fashionable shoe news, someone does not even look at the labels, for them the main criterion for choosing is comfort, and someone will never give up eternal classics…

Nevertheless, people are behind the machines and operating lines in the shoe industry, and even earlier designers create sketches of new models. But there is another « specialization » of this profession, which we can’t do without in modern life. The swatter flew off, the heel broke down, the sole was erased or fell off, the whip broke off, the lock on the boot broke ... – and now we are in a hurry to help the shoemaker. By the way, over the entire centuries-old history of this profession, it is the work of a specialist who repairs shoes that has not changed much ( only if the tools have become more advanced ) – the main role in this matter, as before, play not technology, but the skill of the performer.

Although the word « shoemaker » is rare in our speech today, more often – « » shoe repairman «, but the essence has not changed – this master not only repairs shoes ( one of the most important items of our wardrobe ), but literally gives her a second, if not a third, life. That is why the work of shoemakers at all times remains honorable and in demand. In addition, there are many conversations about this profession: « Shoemaker without boots », « The shoemaker of the shoe is always thin », « What would be the shoemaker, if all the boots were sewn on one block », « Trouble, since the cakes will start the oven, and the boots will drag the cake » and others.

Therefore, of course, these specialists and masters cannot but have their own professional holiday. Congratulate you on International Day of the shoemaker of people in this extremely important profession, which requires not only training, skills and experience, but also love for your work, responsibility and creativity.

By the way, in recent years, for this Day in some countries, the media has been preparing materials on the topic of shoe fashion, how to choose shoes, how to look after it, etc. And a number of shoe companies and brands conduct various educational and advertising campaigns.