International shoemaker day (26/11)

November 26 is International Shoemaker's Day - a professional holiday for craftsmen and artisans involved in the design, manufacture and sewing of shoes, as well as workers employed in this production and shoe repair specialists.

Making shoes and repairing them is a very ancient craft, and initially the work of a shoemaker was exclusively manual labor, and very difficult. After all, shoemakers, or shoemakers, had to sew all kinds of shoes by hand - from slippers to boots. Therefore, it is not surprising that their profession was considered one of the most sought after. And skilled shoemakers, whose shoes were considered almost a work of art, were generally worth their weight in gold.

Over the years, many crafts have gone through the process of mechanization and "becoming" on an industrial footing, including this industry. Today, the business connected with the art of making shoes of various purposes, types, categories and accessories for general use is called the shoe industry, which is aimed at meeting the needs of the general population. Companies - manufacturers of shoes - produce a huge variety of shoe products from a variety of materials - leather, wood, rubber, plastic, jute, fabric and others.