Border Guard Day in Belarus (28/05)

On May 28, a glorious holiday is celebrated in Belarus - the Day of the Border Guard.

The border troops perform an honorable duty, guarding the external borders of the state, and this once again proves the legitimacy of the existence of this holiday, which dates back to the time of the existence of the USSR. Then the Day of the Border Troops was celebrated on May 28, since 1958, and was established due to the fact that it was on this day in 1918 that the Border Guard of the RSFSR Border was established by Decree of the Council of People's Commissars. At the same time, the Main Directorate of the Border Guard was created, into which the officers of the former Directorate of the Separate Corps of the Russian Border Guard moved in full force.

In Belarus, after gaining independence, they kept the tradition of celebrating the Day of the Border Guard on May 28, as a tribute to the feat of Soviet soldiers.