International Mother-in-law Day (23/10)

Every fourth Sunday in October, the world celebrates an unusual, but undoubtedly the favorite holiday of any son-in-law - International Mother-In-Law Day. Although it does not yet have official status, it is already very popular in many countries. Originating in the 1930s in the United States as a joke (according to one version, as an alternative to Mother's Day), subsequently, every year, he gained more and more fans, including in other English-speaking countries.

According to a number of sources, this informal event began to be celebrated since 1934 with the "light hand" of Gene Howe, editor of the Texas newspaper "Amarillo Globe-News", who spoke about this "joke" in his publication, drawing a parallel with such respected holidays like Mother's Day and Father's Day.

Declaring that the mother-in-law is the second mother, he noted that it would be fair for all mothers-in-law to have their own “professional” holiday. This joke caught on, and soon the holiday was celebrated with pleasure not only by residents of the United States, but also by some countries of Latin America, and then Europe.