Self-government day in Iceland (01/12)

Self-governance Day in Iceland is celebrated annually on December 1 to commemorate an important event in the history of the country, which took place in 1918. On this day, Iceland was recognized as a sovereign state in union with Denmark.

Previously, since 1380, Iceland was a possession of Denmark.

The national liberation movement gained momentum throughout the 19th century, from the middle of which Iceland conquered more and more freedoms.

So, in 1843, the Althing was restored - the tradition of congress in the week of "midsummer" to the All-Icelandic Thing (national assembly), where disputes were resolved, litigated and laws were passed. In 1854, the Danish trade monopoly was abolished, and in 1874 the Constitution was adopted, granting limited autonomy to Iceland.

By tradition, in honor of the holiday, most cities in Iceland host various festive and themed events.