Lacomonyak Day (15/05)

On May 15, their holiday - Lacomaniac Day - is celebrated by the fair sex, who are passionate about manicure and collecting nail polishes. They are called lacomaniacs, or lacomaniacs.

The date was chosen by a general vote, which was held in its public online store "LakoDom" in August 2016.

And it all started in 2009, when the Nail_ru community was created in LiveJournal (the LiveJournal blog platform). There, the girls shared their impressions about the purchased varnishes, exchanged the secrets of a neat manicure, which could be done on their own, without resorting to the services of nail salons.

The community quickly gained popularity and soon went beyond virtual communication. The participants began to organize lacquer meetings, where they communicated and showed each other their “treasures”, and the passion for lacquers became not just a cosmetic whim, but a real form of collecting. Since then, the color and texture of the lacquer are objects of admiration for any lacoman.

As lovers of beautiful manicures became more and more sophisticated, they began to actively make purchases in foreign online stores and get acquainted with brands of nail polishes that were not available in Russia. The restrictions imposed in 2013 by the UK post on sending polishes to individuals in Russia was a turning point for one of the representatives of the community.

In the spring of 2013, Polina Koroleva created a small online store to officially bring inaccessible polishes of one English brand to Russia. Soon, LakoDom won the love of customers so quickly that in just a couple of years it became one of the largest manicure stores in Russia and the center of a community of Russian-speaking lacomaniacs.

The enthusiasm of Russian women and the fair sex from neighboring countries was appreciated by many manufacturing brands, starting to produce personalized varnishes in cooperation with lacomaniacs. For many, this hobby gave good friends, for some - a new interesting job, but the main thing that gourmands get is aesthetic pleasure and a real celebration of color - at any time!

In order to unite them with one more (and main) joint occasion, namely, a holiday, LakoDom conducted a large-scale poll-voting among its subscribers. As a result, May 15 was chosen and announced as Lacomaniac Day, which was decided to be celebrated annually.