National Carrot Day in the USA (03/02)

On February 3, Americans celebrate another culinary holiday - National Carrot Cake Day. This may seem like a joke, but in the US, a dish using carrots has its own holiday.

It is known that this root crop has been cultivated in the world for four thousand years, and they began to grow it in Afghanistan, and today more than 60 varieties of carrots have been bred. Moreover, at first it was grown not for the sake of the root crop, but for the fragrant leaves and seeds, which were added to food and used as a medicine. The very first mention of the use of carrot roots in food is found in ancient sources in the 1st century.

Carrots were brought to Europe around the 10th-13th centuries, and a little later they came to America. In Russia, dishes using carrots are found in the editions of Domostroy of the 16th century. Today, this root crop continues to be one of the most popular vegetables in Russian cuisine and is one of the ten major economically important vegetable crops in the world.