National House Soup Day in the USA (04/02)

There is nothing better than a bowl of hot homemade soup on a cold winter day. So in the American calendar of culinary holidays there is a corresponding "reason" - National Homemade Soup Day, which is celebrated annually on February 4th. Unfortunately, it is not known who founded it and when, but hardly anyone will argue that such a holiday is needed.

Of course, in our industrial society with frantic rhythms and innovative technologies, there is nothing easier than buying ready-made foods and dishes that do not require long preparation, including canned soups. Opened the jar, warmed up - and you're done. However, sometimes (or often) we really want fresh homemade chicken noodles or tomato soup, fragrant borscht or rich fish soup ... What is “kinder”, more soulful and, all the more, more useful than canned soup than home-made soup?

That is why today's holiday exists - to once again remind you of the benefits and quality of home-cooked food and a cozy home, where it is prepared with love and diligence.