Peace Day in Augsburg (08/08)

Every year on August 8, Germany celebrates the official public holiday of one city of the country, namely — the cities of Augsburg ( Augsburg ) ( the federal land of Bavaria ).

A holiday known as Peace Day or the Augsburg Peace Festival ( Augsburg Peace Festival, German. Friedensfest ), has been operating its history since 1650, and since 1950 it has been celebrated as officially state. From the same year, this day — is a state day off for all small and large enterprises in the city of Augsburg.

August 8, 1629 — the day of the beginning of the harassment of Protestants in the city of Augsburg, which lasted for 20 years, until the so-called « Westphalian world » ( Peace of Westphalia ), concluded in 1648.

Peace Day in Augsburg is also associated with the Augsburg world of estates and religions, concluded on September 25, 1555 between different faiths and estates: Lutheran and Catholic entities of the Holy Roman Empire and Roman king Ferdinand I, acting on behalf of his older brother Emperor Charles V. The Augsburg world has officially recognized the Lutheran and evangelical religion in the community of German states.

The rules of the Augsburg religious world:

— universal peace in the country; — estates that belong to the Augsburg denomination ( Lutherans ), and the estates of the Catholic faith recognized each other; — estates have a common church-confessional territory, however, served by other religions can be resettled; — the cities of estates become two-confessional; — spiritual jurisdictions against Protestants ( heretics ) close.

The terms « of the professional legal order » and « of the professional analysis » are recognized in all single German states.

On the very holiday in Augsburg, various recreational events — concerts, theatrical performances, a parade of military orchestras, festivities, fairs, fireworks are held. For many years, tradition has been a special church ministry for representatives of all Christian faiths. Another indispensable attribute of the holiday — A competition of children's drawings on the theme of the world, as well as a ceremony for announcing the laureates of the Augsburg Peace Prize ( it is awarded once every three years ).