April Revolution Day in Kyrgyzstan (07/04)

On April 7, Kyrgyzstan celebrates a public holiday - the Day of the People's April Revolution (Kyrgyzstanda Eldik April Revolutions kunu), which has been an official holiday since 2016.

The history of this holiday is interesting. The fact is that modern Kyrgyzstan has experienced two popular revolutions associated with a change of power. The first took place on March 24, 2005 and went down in the history of the country as bloodless, since the removal and departure from power of President Askar Akayev took place almost peacefully, although there were clashes between the police and opposition protesters.

The reason for the revolution was the February parliamentary elections, the result of which was called into question by representatives of the political opposition. The rallies initiated by her swept across the country, and by March 24, 2005 they reached Bishkek. As a result of clashes between the police and the protesters, the Government House was seized by the latter. The president himself at that time left the country with his family.