International Soup Day (05/04)

Soup is the first course and an important part of the daily diet. To once again emphasize the importance of this dish for human health, a holiday was created - International Soup Day, which is celebrated on April 5th.

The history of soup is as old as the history of cooking. The word "soup" comes from the French "soupe", and it comes from the Latin "suppa", which means bread soaked in a decoction or broth. However, soup as a dish in today's sense, which has become a daily meal, developed five centuries ago with the advent of strong dishes that could withstand the cooking process. At the same time, in cold countries and regions, the soup appeared much earlier. For example, in ancient China it was brewed 100 years before our era.

But we are talking about soup, and not about boiling, as a method of cooking for the purpose of thermal processing of products. After all, soup is a “set” of ingredients that create a general taste and composition. And although the methods of cooking, traditions and recipes of soups developed earlier, soups became widespread in Europe and Russia by the 18th century. Later, this dish spread throughout the world. By the way, in Russia, liquid dishes were first called stews. The word "soup" appeared only during the time of Peter I. In ancient times, meat, fish and vegetable broths were called decoctions.