Emergency worker day (28/04)

April 28 is considered the birthday of the Ambulance Service in Russia. As an official professional holiday - the Day of Emergency Medical Workers - it was established in 2020 by a decree of the Government of the Russian Federation.

Every Russian is familiar with the telephone number "03" - one of the numbers of special emergency services, dating back to Soviet times. "01" - fire brigade, "02" - police, "03" - ambulance, "04" - gas service. The priority status of these numbers has been preserved to this day. You can call them for free from any phone. The changes affected them in 2014, when the number "1" was added to each number in front. Thus, the ambulance call number became "103". And there was also a single number of the rescue service - "112".

The history of helping the destitute, those who suffered from frost or illness, and crippled people in Russia goes back to the 15th century and is associated with the activities of philanthropists, as well as almshouses at churches and monasteries.