Clown Day in Peru (25/05)

Bright costumes, paints, colors that will not leave indifferent a single person who is nearby, songs and processions along the streets. Carnival in Rio de Janeiro? No. This is Clown Day ( Clown's Day ), which takes place annually on May 25 in Peru.

The holiday takes place in many cities of this South American state, but the most vivid and colorful actions unfold on the central streets of the capital of Peru – the city of Lima. Representatives of the profession come here from all over the country, whose work – he is also creative and art – aimed at causing people joy, smiles and laughter.

First of all, clowns evoke genuine vivid emotions in children. Therefore, in Peru, the – clowns are indispensable participants at children's parties, as well as birthday parties.

On the day of their professional holiday, hundreds of clowns in their bright outfits pass through the main streets of the capital. During the procession, they hold contests and performances, entertaining passers-by and giving happiness to children. Those little residents of the capital who find themselves next to the heroes of the day receive candy from clowns.

The tradition of holding this bright and colorful holiday has not a very long history, but in more than 10 years of its existence, it has become an integral part of the life of Peruvians.

The initiator of the organization of Clown Day is unknown, but the name of the person in whose honor this holiday is held is known. This is the famous circus artist in Peru in the 1980s, known as the clown « Tony ». As part of the big top, he traveled to the poorest areas of the country and pleased his work with children and adults. After his death, there was a tradition of honoring the famous artist and the work of clowns.

Adults have different attitudes towards the work of people working in the circus, including the work of clowns. But what could be better and more pleasant than a voiced children's laugh? But in the circus, most often, the joy of children is caused by the performances of people in bright colorful costumes, wigs, with painted faces that can joke, who can juggle and show focus and grimace, looking at which without laughter is simply impossible. In addition, clowns and words sometimes do not need to be uttered in order to cause delight and smile of the child. That is why this profession is international and always relevant in any country.

Thanks to the clowns! And on holiday!