Cranovshchik Day (Cran Engineer Day) in Russia (04/06)

On June 4, their professional holiday, so far unofficially, is celebrated by crane operators, or crane drivers - people without whose work it is impossible to imagine a single construction site, not a single plant, not a single port.

Although officially crane operators celebrate their holiday on Builder's Day, a crane is a machine that is used not only in the construction of houses, bridges and railways. Its purpose is to lift and move heavy objects from one place to another, including to a great height, as well as loading such objects onto trucks, containers, railway cars, loading and unloading ship holds.

Everywhere in these cases, the strength and technical features of the crane are used. So construction is only one of the areas of application and use of crane technology. Hence the variety of taps, depending on where and for what it is required to use it. In addition, cargo can be classified according to weight, size, nature of the content.