Mini MBA Day (16/09)

In September 2003, the first training under the Mini MBA program started in Russia.

This format was first proposed by the Russian School of Management and has since occupied a special place in the system of Russian business education. Following the Mini MBA appeared in Moscow State University, Russian University of Economics. G.V. Plekhanov, PFUR, and in 2017 - in the famous PwC.

The Mini MBA is an opportunity to get the skills of a Master of Business Administration in a shortened time and in a concentrated form.

There is no single Mini MBA format in Russia. Semi-annual training is considered optimal. It fully supports the idea of a Western MBA, containing a set of specific courses broken down by key business functions:

• leadership • management • marketing • finance • projects • personnel

In the Mini MBA format, these disciplines are presented in a concise manner and key issues are addressed. This format allows the manager to see the control points, by which it is possible to determine the state of affairs and the position of the company in each of the directions, and qualitatively influence them.

The main goal of such training for managers is a systematic vision and the search for new opportunities to reach a qualitatively new level in their work. The manager receives not only training in each of the areas, but also a holistic understanding of how the business is built in the complex.

It is rare to find managers who are professionally versed in marketing, finance and personnel management at the same time. But it is important for any manager to understand how each of these processes works in order to speak the same language with specialists and effectively build interaction between departments.

This is the idea behind the comprehensive preparation of the Mini MBA.

Mini MBA is not a magic wand that will turn a resume from a text file into a safe full of money. But the knowledge and skills acquired during the training process will definitely help to improve the efficiency of managerial decisions, expand the network of professional contacts, and as a result, increase the personal status and market value of the manager.

Mini MBA Day was first celebrated in 2017 and is now held annually on the third Friday of September.

ABOUT THE RUSSIAN SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT The Russian School of Management (RSU) was founded in 2002 and is one of the top five business schools in Russia according to Expert magazine. This is a federal business school with central offices in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and branches and representative offices in 10 Russian cities. The main composition of the teachers are experts with extensive practical experience, well known in their field.