The cover of the Slavs (14/10)

Intercession is an ancient holiday of the Slavs, which meant the end of autumn round dances, the beginning of winter gatherings. It was believed that Svarog covers the Earth with a fallen leaf and calls the Light Gods to Heaven (to Svarga). With the introduction of Christianity, this holiday began to be celebrated in honor of the Most Holy Theotokos and her miraculous payment.

In folk tradition, on this day, the meeting of Autumn with Winter was celebrated, and this holiday has very deep roots. The very name of folk beliefs was associated with the first hoarfrost, which "covered" the earth, indicating the proximity of winter cold.

The Day of the Intercession coincided with the complete completion of field work and serious preparations for winter. Around these days, they began to drown in the huts: spinners and weavers began to work.

It was believed that on this day the Brownie was going to bed, and in connection with this, the ritual of "Baking Corners" was associated. The brownie was asked to keep the house warm in winter, they baked special “pancakes” - small pancakes, and the first pancake was divided into four parts and carried to the corners of the hut as an offering so that the spirit of the house was full and calm.

The girls asked Lada for marriage (during Christianity they began to ask the Virgin). It was from this day that regular girl gatherings began.