Day of the economist in Russia (11/11)

November 11 is the Economist's Day in Russia. A new date in the list of Russian professional holidays appeared in accordance with the Order of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation No. 876 dated November 24, 2015.

Economist's Day was celebrated in the country before, but unofficially and on different dates. So, until 2011, it was celebrated on June 30, and in 2011 an official holiday appeared, however, it was called Financier's Day. In 2015, everything “fell into place”, and economists received their professional holiday, celebrated annually on November 11th.

The initiator of its establishment was the Free Economic Society of Russia. It also suggested the date of the celebration, which is connected with the history of the country's economic development. On this day, according to the new style in 1765, the Imperial Free Economic Society (VEO) was founded, which takes its place of honor in Russian history.