Day of Dignity and Freedom in Ukraine (21/11)

On November 21, Ukraine celebrates a public holiday - the Day of Dignity and Freedom (in Ukrainian, the Day of Gidnosti and Freedom), established by Decree of the President of the country No. 872/2014 of November 13, 2014. This day, according to the text of the document, should contribute to the establishment of the principles of freedom and democracy.

The history of the holiday dates back to 2005, when President Viktor Yushchenko, who was in power in Ukraine, established a holiday called "Freedom Day", setting November 22 as the date for its celebration. That holiday was established in memory of the Orange Revolution, which began on November 22, 2004. The establishment and celebration of this day was, in the opinion of the state authorities, to promote and strengthen the ideals of freedom, democratic principles, as well as the conquests of the Orange Revolution. In addition, the establishment of a new holiday was supposed to emphasize the importance of the events of November 2004 for the historical fate of Ukraine.

In 2011, the next President of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych, canceled the Decree of the previous head of state and established a new holiday: "Day of unity and freedom." This holiday was celebrated on January 22 and united two holidays that existed until that moment: “Day of the unity of Ukraine” and “Day of freedom”. But already in 2014, Poroshenko canceled the Decree of Yanukovych, restoring the “Day of Unity of Ukraine” and establishing the “Day of Dignity and Freedom.”