World Penguin Day (25/04)

April 25 is an annual environmental holiday - World Penguin Day, calling on people to remember the need to preserve the animal diversity of our planet in general and the diversity of its individual regions and representatives in particular.

Among the animal diversity of the Southern Hemisphere there is an unusual bird, whose place in the nature of this region plays a very significant role. Just as the polar bear can be called one of the symbols of the nature of the North Pole, this bird can be safely called one of the symbols of Antarctica. We are talking, of course, about penguins, the variety of species of which does not change the idea of where they live - only in the open sea of the Southern Hemisphere.

Penguins (lat. Spheniscidae) are a family of flightless seabirds, whose representatives swim and dive well, the only modern one in the penguin-like order (Sphenisciformes). There are 18 modern species of penguins in the family. The largest of them is the emperor penguin, its height can reach 120 cm, and its weight is more than 40 kg. The smallest representative of the species is the small penguin, which is no higher than the knee of an adult, and its weight does not exceed 2.5 kg.