World Hydrography Day (21/06)

Every year on June 21, World Hydrography Day is celebrated. It was established in 2006 through the efforts of the International Hydrographic Organization, IHO (International Hydrographic Organization, IHO), dating back to June 1921. The initiative to establish a new international holiday was supported by the UN General Assembly.

Hydrography is a science and field of activity related to the compilation of maps, the publication of instructions, requirements and guidance documents for navigation. It is no coincidence that the literal meaning of the word "hydrography" in Greek means water description. Thus, one of the main tasks of hydrography can be attributed to ensuring the safety of navigation in the oceans, seas and inland waters of states (on rivers, lakes, reservoirs). This is achieved through hydrographic research, work, the result of which are new navigational charts, manuals and manuals, the construction of lighthouses, signal lights, barrier signs, etc.

The application of hydrography is currently very multifaceted. The use of the results of hydrographic surveys is not limited to navigation alone. It is used in dredging, the search for new resources on the seabed, the design and construction of port and water protection facilities, as well as in the field of ecology and safety.