Day of employees of the prosecution authorities of Turkmenistan (26/06)

On June 26, Turkmenistan celebrates the Day of employees of the prosecutor's office.

The authority for supervision over the observance of the rule of law in various spheres of state and public life is under the constant attention of the President of the country, who singles out the fight against bribery, embezzlement, and corruption among the main tasks facing the prosecutor's office of Turkmenistan.

The functions of supervision assigned to the prosecutor's office play an extremely important role for the life of the state and society. Their fulfillment contributes to the construction of state and public life on the basis of the law, helps to achieve justice, law and order. In its activities, the Prosecutor's Office of Turkmenistan relies on the Constitution of the country, as well as the Law of Turkmenistan "On the Prosecutor's Office" and other regulatory legal acts.