Day of zero issue (21/09)

Zero Emissions Day or ZeDay is an environmental date celebrated in many countries around the world annually on September 21st.

Among the international days dedicated to the problems of protecting the environment and maintaining the ecological balance, this date stands apart. In the 1980s, the idea of establishing and holding an annual day in defense of the environment was born in Canada through the reduction of emissions into the atmosphere of combustion products of hydrocarbons (oil, gasoline, gas, coal). Thus, an international date was born (which, however, does not have official status), celebrated annually on September 21 and called Zero Emission Day.

In 2008, a website was launched in Halifax with the slogan "Give Our Planet One Day Off a Year". It was this Internet resource that put forward the idea of a moratorium on burning hydrocarbon products at least one day a year. The appeal was picked up by supporters of the idea and translated first into 10, and a year later - into more than 30 languages of the world, and then picked up on social networks. The address appeared on the Internet, and the holiday itself became abbreviated as ZeDay.