Day of employees of the customs authorities of Turkmenistan (04/11)

On November 4, employees of the customs authorities of Turkmenistan celebrate their professional holiday. The corresponding Decree of the President of the Republic, issued in October 2017, fixed this date in the list of professional holidays of Turkmenistan without providing a day off.

Officially calling itself neutral, Turkmenistan is considered one of the most "closed" states in the world. This is not entirely true. From the point of view of tourism, there are indeed difficulties in obtaining a visa. But from the point of view of trade, the country cannot be called closed, since economic and cultural development does not imply complete isolation, and trade between Turkmenistan and neighboring countries is designed to contribute to the development of the state's economy and the growth of the welfare of citizens.

The functions of customs control are reduced to supervision and control in the field of customs, control in the field of foreign exchange transactions, protection of rights to objects of intellectual property, transport control when crossing the state border by transport at specially designed points. In addition, the customs authorities perform the functions of quarantine and sanitary, phytosanitary and veterinary control within their competence.