Day of the admission of Crimea, Tamani and Kuban to the Russian Empire (19/04)

Starting from 2019, April 19 marks a new memorable date for Russia, established by the Federal Law in August 2018 - the Day of the adoption of Crimea, Taman and Kuban into the Russian Empire (1783).

The establishment of a memorable date is intended to emphasize the historical continuity of the belonging of the Crimean peninsula to the Russian state. Together with the holiday celebrated in Crimea on March 18 (the Day of Crimea's reunification with Russia), this date is aimed at educating (primarily among the younger generation) the inviolability of the principles of Russia's territorial integrity, as well as respect for history and historical memory, the validity of the events of March 2014.

The history of the entry of Crimea into the Russian state dates back to the 18th century, when Russia fought for the security of its southern (Black Sea) borders with the Ottoman Empire. At that time, Crimea was a khanate that was a vassal of the Ottoman Empire.