International Fire Day (04/05)

On May 4, their professional holiday - Firemen's Day - is celebrated at the international level by people of a courageous profession who protect and save the lives of people, animals, property, ecosystem objects from fire. Often the fight against fire takes the lives of these brave professionals.

International Firefighters' Day was born precisely after similar tragic events associated with extinguishing a forest fire in December 1998, which occurred in Australia. Then, in the line of duty, five firefighters died. This event was not the first case of the death of firefighters, but it was it that prompted caring people to establish an International Day when they could honor firefighter heroes, as well as honor the memory of those who died in the line of duty.

This initiative was picked up in many countries of the world, which was facilitated by its spread over the Internet. The day of honoring St. Florian, who is considered the heavenly patron of firefighters, was chosen as the date of celebration, and since in many countries it is on May 4 that firefighters celebrate their professional holiday.