Embroidered day in Ukraine (19/05)

Every third Thursday of May, Ukraine celebrates Vyshyvanka Day (Ukr. Vyshyvanka Day) - a holiday designed to preserve national traditions and culture through the popularization of one of the most famous symbols of the Ukrainian national costume - vyshyvanka.

Ukrainian embroidery is one of the types of national folk arts and crafts associated with embroidery by hand or using a sewing machine of patterns and ornaments on clothes (both men's and women's and children's), household items (towels, pillowcases, tablecloths).

The history of this type of art is very ancient, and therefore, along with the aesthetic side, designed to evoke pleasant, good feelings, to show beauty, embroidery also had an occult character, associated with the fact that ornaments and patterns served as amulets. Hence the variety of colors and types of ornament, where each of them was given its own meaning.