Sewing machine day (13/06)

June 13 is Sewing Machine Day - an unofficial holiday, but celebrated by experts, and inextricably linked with the history of the appearance of this invention, which became part of the industrial revolution and made it possible to make a revolution not only in the field of light industry, but also in the life of most housewives.

Disputes about what date to consider the birthday of a sewing machine do not subside among specialists and lovers of the history of technical inventions today. The fact is that there is no such date, and cannot be, if we want to speak unambiguously. Even during the appearance of the first sewing machines, disputes about the right to be considered an inventor reached litigation. Please note that we are talking about them in the plural, since the invention appeared in different countries at about the same time period. The difference was in the principle of operation and the technical features of sewing machines that were born in the period of the late 18th - mid-19th centuries. Many inventors have shown their creative abilities along this path. The most famous of them were those about whom we will talk later.

The prototypes of the first sewing machines appeared in the form of ideas in the 15th century. And they belong to Leonardo da Vinci. Although there are claims that a century earlier in Holland, a certain inventor, whose name remains unknown, made devices that simplified the work of sewing sails. Well, then time takes us to the 18th century.