International Day of Parliamentarism (30/06)

June 30 is International Day of Parliamentarism. It was established in 2018 by the decision of the UN General Assembly (resolution No. 72/278) in memory of the first international conference of the Inter-Parliamentary Union, IPU, held on this day in 1889 (eng. Inter-Parliamentary Union, fr. L'Union Interparlementaire). This global organization of parliaments of different countries, which exists to this day, is called upon to improve the institutions of parliamentarism around the world, emphasizing its importance in improving people's lives.

The presence of a strong, balanced, functioning parliament is one of the signs and foundations of democracy. Representing the interests of their constituents, parliamentarians should strive to ensure these interests by adopting relevant laws, amending the already adopted legislative acts in the event that this is required by objective reality. A parliament that seeks to improve the lives of citizens through its activities, not forgetting about the protection of the most vulnerable segments of the population, is the embodiment of the ideal of the principles of parliamentarism.

The Inter-Parliamentary Union, working closely with the parliaments of different countries, contributes to establishing a dialogue in solving global problems, resolving conflicts, and is also a certain guarantor of the implementation of international treaties. This organization, being a member of the UN activities, promotes the involvement of national parliaments in international processes related to the solution of security and sustainable development issues, the program of which was once considered and adopted by the United Nations.