World Brain Day (22/07)

In recent years, more and more often, all kinds of federations and associations of specialist doctors of a certain profile, trying to increase the attention of people and state health authorities to human health issues, establish days, dedicated to the health of a particular human organ, or organ system.

It was for this purpose that the World Federation of Neurology established World Brain Day ( World Brain Day ) and decided to celebrate it annually on July 22.

It is no secret that the brain is the main organ of the central nervous system of a person. Despite the progress of medicine, scientific discoveries made in this area, including in the field of brain research, the human nervous system remains the area that continues to this day. It is the brain and the multiple aspects associated with its work that continue to be a mystery.

The head brain is actually a command structure, thanks to which the work of all human organs is carried out. Any malfunction in the brain instantly affects the viability of a person, leading to disturbances in the work of any organs. The most advanced electronic machines created by man are essentially an attempt to approach human intelligence, concentrated precisely in the brain. However, none of them is comparable in complexity and perfection with the human brain.

Diseases of the human nervous system, including brain diseases, have serious consequences for humans, which are sometimes difficult to predict. As a result of these diseases, a person may experience suffering, nervous feelings, become disabled, having lost his ability to work and even die. Yes, much has been studied, but much remains behind the veil of secrecy for medical scientists. That is why neurologists attach such great importance to brain health by developing a system for the prevention of studied diseases and possible injuries. Systematizing the available knowledge, relying on scientific discoveries, using advanced technologies in the field of medical equipment and pharmacology, specialists exchange experience and strive to find the most effective ways to diagnose and treat brain diseases.

Every year, the World Federation of Neurology ( World Federation of Neurology ), created back in 1957, organizes events dedicated to World Brain Day. Leading experts in the field of neurology, operating neurosurgeons, scientists, neurologists and neuropathologists meet at these forums, conferences and congresses. Consecration of discoveries in the brain over the past year, exchange of experience and development of new methods of treatment and prevention of diseases – the main items on the agenda of such events.

Every year, the Federation determines the topics of next year, which will prevail at all events.

At the level of the healthcare system of various states, through visual information through posters, booklets and seminars, educational activities are carried out among the population.

The general recommendations of doctors to maintain brain health are a healthy lifestyle, abandonment of bad habits, healthy sleep, healthy eating, walking, walking in the fresh air or physical training, constant « training » of the brain through solving non-standard problems, finding solutions, communicating with highly intelligent people, mental activity ( reading, solving crosswords, puzzles, etc. ).

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