International Day of Ophthalmology (08/08)

Russia and the USSR gave the world a huge number of names that went down in history with their discoveries and achievements in the field of medicine. Ophthalmology – is also an exception to the field of medicine, which is engaged in the study of the structure and properties of the human eye, as well as eye diseases, the search for methods of their prevention and treatment.

The Soviet and Russian micro-surgeon-ophthalmologist, professor of medicine, academician of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences Svyatoslav Nikolaevich Fedorov, who knew how to talentedly combine scientific and practical activities, significantly succeeded in this area, made outstanding discoveries in the field of eye disease treatment. In 1994, he was recognized as an outstanding ophthalmologist of the 20th century.

In recognition of the merits of Fedorov and in memory of him, the initiative of establishing the International Day of Ophthalmology was born among Russian ophthalmologists on his birthday. The initiative of Russian doctors was enthusiastically received and supported abroad, where the scientist was not known firsthand about the merits.

So a holiday was born, celebrated annually on August 8, starting in 2004.

Vision – is the organ of the feelings of a person whose loss becomes a real tragedy in human life. Deterioration of vision in addition to the loss of brightness of the worldview significantly reduces the social capabilities of a person, delivering him not only physical discomfort, but also psychological problems. Deterioration of vision can deprive a person of the opportunity to do what they love, limits the choice of the range of professional employment.

The tasks of ophthalmologists come down precisely to solving these pressing human problems, especially since the number of people suffering from eye diseases is huge.

Modern ophthalmology is widely available for the treatment of many eye diseases, but experts strongly recommend that these diseases be prevented.

The main recommendations are the rejection of bad habits, wearing high-quality sunglasses to protect the eyes from ultraviolet radiation, monitoring blood sugar, pressure and cholesterol, healthy eating, eating products, containing vitamin A, Omega-3 and antioxidants. Doctors do not recommend abusing viewing 3D films, especially for children.

By the way, already forgotten, but in due time many had to get bored and a funky tetris game, as it turned out, was used by ophthalmologists to train the eye. An unconditional recommendation is regular vision testing. All doctors unanimously repeat the truth that it is better to identify the disease earlier in order to begin treatment earlier, because many eye diseases identified in the early stages are completely cured.

Traditionally, conferences and symposia have been held on the International Day of Ophthalmology, at which the merits and achievements of individual doctors and scientists in this field of medicine are noted, an exchange of experience takes place, professional relations are being established between colleagues from different countries.

At these events, ophthalmologists who have achieved high results in their work or made scientific discoveries are awarded. The eyes of specialists are presented with new medical equipment and equipment for the diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases.

Many ophthalmological centers and institutes on this day conduct free consultations, diagnostics and even operations. Citizens are given the opportunity to get an appointment with well-deserved highly qualified specialists, receive advice and assistance.

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