Independence Day in Jordan (25/05)

Every year on May 25, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan celebrates Independence Day (Eid al-Istiqlal). This is one of the most widely and massively celebrated public holidays in Jordan.

If the history of Jordan as an independent state is not so great, and starts from 1946, then the history of the lands on which this state of the Middle East is located has more than a thousand years of history.

The events described in the Old Testament, including the exodus of the Jews from Egypt and the arrival in the Promised Land, are inextricably linked to the lands where Jordan is located today. Archaeological excavations allow us to assert that the oldest tools found in these lands and indicating the development of agriculture date back to the period of 8500-4500. BC. In the late Bronze Age, these lands were under the influence of Egypt, and later, around 1200 AD. BC, a significant part of the lands of modern Jordan (the countries of Moab and Ammon) became part of the Hebrew state. At the turn of the new era, these lands, together with adjacent territories, were part of the Nabataean civilization, the capital of which was the city of Petra (one of the main modern attractions of Jordan). Later, these lands became part of the Roman Empire as one of the provinces.