Celebration in honor of the transfer of the relics of St. Nicholas (22/05)

On May 22, the Russian Orthodox Church celebrates the memory of the transfer of the relics of St. Nicholas from the Likisky World to Bar. This celebration was established back in 1087.

Nikolai the Miracle Worker honor both the Western Church and the Orthodox world. But it is in Russia that even people far from the church know Nikolai Ugodnik as the most revered by the Russian people of the Holy. In addition to special holidays dedicated to him, the memory of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker is celebrated every Thursday. Often, St. Nicholas commemorates at services on other days of the week.

The folk calendar distinguishes between two days dedicated to Nikolai Ugodnik: Nikola winter — December 19, and Nicola spring ( summer ) — May 22.

St. Nicholas showed mercy even to a person who committed a terrible sin if he deeply and sincerely obeyed. So, he forgave the ruler of the city, for the bribe of the condemned innocent, and did not complain to the emperor about him. And he could have been unexpectedly harsh: at the Ecumenical Cathedral in Nikey in 325, indignant at the perseverance of the heretic Aria, he hit him on the cheek, for which the assembled bishops decided to deprive St. Nicholas of the saint ( Bishop ) dignity.

St. Nicholas is also glorified as a miracle worker: miraculous healings and even resurrections from the dead took place through his prayers, storms subsided the sea, and the wind carried the ship to where the saint needed to. The church also knows many cases when the prayer appeals of believers to St. Nicholas turned into miracles after his death.

An ambulance and merciful assistant to the afflicted, a silver-free man and a benefactor who is sensitive to the misfortune and pain of people; a strict shepherd-mentor, acutely experiencing any untruth and resolutely rebelling against it, — in these features of St. Nicholas, the Orthodox see not the inconsistency of character, but the evidence of the living fullness of his holiness.