World Bone Donor Day (17/09)

Every third Saturday of September, starting in 2015, World Bone Doner Day ( World Marrow Donor Day ) is celebrated.

It was originally noted in four European countries, where the activities of the World Association of Bone Brain Donors were active. However, the importance of the problems solved by the presence of a single register of bone marrow donors, that is, a database of donors who are ready, if necessary, and the coincidence of the genotype to become donors for a patient who needs transplantation, led to the fact that the action on the Day of the bone marrow donor received international coverage and was supported in different parts of the Earth. Today, the holiday is celebrated in more than 50 countries.

The World Marrow Donor Association ( The World Marrow Donor Association ) is a union of organizations and individuals acting in the interests of bone marrow donors and people who need to transplant it or have suffered it.

Bone marrow transplantation or stem cells for many patients with oncological, hematological or other serious illnesses is often the last chance to recover. The compatibility factor is very low. It is believed that for a recipient in need of a transplant, one chance out of 10,000 falls when the compatibility genotype can coincide and be found. Find it in the same Bone Brain Donor Register.

In Russia, there is a National Register, however, its limitations, coupled with the factor of a rare coincidence of the genotype, lead to the fact that helping the patient is far from always possible, that is, finding a donor does not bring a positive result. Searching in the European ( larger ) data bank costs an excessively high cost, exceeding the cost of searching and operating in Russia by three times. Replenishment of the National Register of Bone Brain Donors – The most important task facing society and the state.

However, – donation is an exclusively voluntary matter. In this regard, the task of state and public organizations operating in the field of healthcare includes the indispensable education of the population about the importance of being a donor for people in need, an explanation of the safety of the transplant procedure for the donor. In addition, not every person can become a donor. There are huge restrictions on health status for those who are ready to become a donor, as well as age restrictions, according to which a person aged 18 to 45 can become a donor.

With the support of public organizations and medical institutions around the world, educational events are held on the third Saturday of September, lectures and seminars, and donor actions are organized. In a number of Russian cities, the unchanged flash mob « Fighting Heart » is held as a tribute to donors who have given or are ready to give a chance to survive to sick people.

Infographics – poster « World Bone Doner Day »