Day of vocational education in Russia (02/10)

On October 2, Russia celebrates the Day of Vocational Education. This is a restored tradition. The holiday is not among the official ones, however, it is celebrated annually by teachers and students of vocational schools, colleges and vocational lyceums, as well as technical schools.

The holiday owes its revival to the process of restoring the Russian economy, as well as to the awareness of the importance of training domestic personnel for various industries.

Along with the collapse of the Soviet Union, the country's industry also fell into decline. Enterprises went bankrupt, finding themselves unprepared for the transition from a planned to a market economy, as well as losing government orders and losing out in competition for the market to foreign enterprises, whose goods, inferior in quality, captured markets due to lower prices. The lack of political stability and a clear course of the economy only exacerbated the picture. Along with the shutdown of industrial enterprises, the demand for highly specialized technical professions fell sharply.