International Kashi Day (10/10)

October is annually celebrated as World Porridge Day. The traditional dish of Russian cuisine, as well as cuisines of many peoples of the world, continues to be popular for over a thousand years.

This is what caused the emergence of this wonderful holiday. It does not have an official status, and the date of its holding on the Internet is indicated differently - October 10 or 11. One way or another, but October united all lovers of porridge - a traditional dish of many peoples. In the culture of the Russian people, in its culinary traditions, porridge occupies a special place. The saying “Schi, yes porridge is our food” was not accidental.

It is generally accepted that the holiday originated in the UK, where the tradition of cooking and eating oatmeal is still strong. There is information that it was first held in 2009 with the charitable purpose of helping a center that helps starving children in poor countries. It was porridge, a product based on cooking cereals of one or another cereal crop, that was chosen by Mary`s Meals Center as a dish to which the holiday was dedicated. It is porridge, or rather the cereal from which it is cooked, that is one of the simplest and most common dishes that grow in various parts of the world. Somewhere porridge is just the basis of the diet. Thus, it is able to prevent the threat of hunger.