Cyril day (22/06)

On this day, the Orthodox Church honors the memory of St. Cyril, Archbishop of Alexandria and St. Cyril Abbot of Beloezersky.

Saint Cyril of Alexandria was born in Alexandria, into a family of noble and pious Christians. He received a good upbringing and education. In his youth, he labored in the skete of St. Macarius the Great, then consecrated, under Patriarch Theophilus, to the deacons of the Church of Alexandria. After the death of Theophilus, he was elected Patriarch of Alexandria and led the fight against the heresy of Novatus, who taught that Christians who had fallen away during persecution could not be received into communion by the Church. He also fought the heresy of Nestorius, who taught that the Mother of God gave birth not to God, but to the man Christ, and called Her the Mother of Christ. For 32 years St. Cyril ruled the Alexandrian church. He left behind many theological works of deep content.

The Monk Kirill Beloezersky was born in Moscow, descended from a noble family. Left an orphan, he lived with his uncle, the boyar Timofey Velyaminov, who was a roundabout at the court of Prince Dimitry Donskoy. Once, the Monk Stefan of Makhrishchsky came to the house of the boyar, who foresaw in the young man the future monk-ascetic. He persuaded the boyar Timofey to let his nephew go to the monastery. The young man entered the Moscow Simonov Monastery, ruled by Archimandrite Theodore, the nephew of St. Sergius of Radonezh. Sergius himself sometimes came here, but to the astonishment of the brethren, he spoke not with the archimandrite, but with a humble novice, sitting with him in the kitchen or bakery, where he worked.