International Day of the Apes (14/12)

Among the holidays dedicated to individual representatives of the animal world, rare or endangered species of animals, animals that play a significant role in the life of a particular people or country, which is one of the symbols of the state, International Monkey Day stands apart. And this is due not only to the characteristics of the animal to which it is dedicated, but also to the way in which it appeared.

Monkeys (lat. Haplorhini) are a suborder of mammals from the order of primates. They live in the tropical and subtropical regions of America, Africa (with the exception of Madagascar), Gibraltar, as well as in South and Southeast Asia up to Japan. Currently, more than 400 species of monkeys are known.

The very same holiday in honor of these animals does not have an official international status and is not a state or national holiday of any country. It appeared as a joke among students at the University of Michigan. One of the students marked December 14 on the calendar as Monkey Day. It happened in 2000. Then the comic idea ended with a comic holiday celebrated by the students. However, as often happens, the joke gradually grew into a tradition, and the Internet made it international.