System Administrator Day (29/07)

Every year, on the last Friday of July, the administrators of corporate and home networks, databases, postal systems, software systems and other « fighters of the invisible front » celebrate their professional holiday — System Administrator Day. Or, in the American version — Thanks to the system administrator ( System Administrator Appreciation Day, SAAD ).

System Administrator ( English system administrator ), IT administrator — employee whose responsibilities include providing the fleet with computer hardware, network and software.

Among the main tasks of the sisadmins: installation and configuration of hardware and software; preparation and saving of backup copies of data; creating and maintaining up-to-date user accounts; troubleshooting the system; planning and carrying out work to expand the network structure of the enterprise; documentation of all actions taken. Often, the system administrator has to deal with the provision of information security in the organization.

They say that the profession of sisadmina is akin to the profession of a doctor — if everything works well, they don’t remember it, but if — sisadmina does not work, they remember everything and actively demand help!

The founder of the holiday is the American, system administrator from Chicago Ted Kekatos ( Ted Kekatos ), who thought that at least once a year system administrators should feel gratitude from users. The first time this popular holiday was celebrated in July 2000.

The holiday confidently enters the international arena — in addition to America, it is celebrated in different countries, including Russia.

On this day, it is customary to honor the modest workers « invisible front », who protect the well-being of corporate networks and computers — because it is on them that the successful work of the company directly depends.

Moreover, if you read these lines, then thank the sisadmina and remember that he or she — is only one of hundreds or even thousands of those, with whose work emails smoothly come to your box, Internet connection with any corner of the planet is carried out, favorite mailings come and useful sites are read.