System Administrator Day (29/07)

Every year, on the last Friday of July, administrators of corporate and home networks, databases, mail systems, software systems and other "fighters of the invisible front" celebrate their professional holiday - System Administrator Day. Or, in the American version, System Administrator Appreciation Day (SAAD).

System administrator (English system administrator), IT administrator - an employee whose duties include ensuring the regular operation of the computer equipment park, network and software. Among the main tasks of system administrators: installation and configuration of hardware and software; preparation and storage of backup copies of data; creating and maintaining up to date user accounts; troubleshooting the system; planning and carrying out work to expand the network structure of the enterprise; documentation of all actions taken. Often, the system administrator has to deal with information security in the organization.

They say that the profession of a system administrator is akin to the profession of a doctor - if everything works well, they don’t remember him, but if it doesn’t work, everyone remembers the system administrator and actively demands help!